Recap Your Week At A Glance With Qapital Weekly Insights

We know how important your financial Goals are to your future, and we want to make your journey reaching them as smooth as possible.

When you can’t reach a finish line overnight — especially for those big Goals like saving for retirement, paying off student debt, buying a new car, or putting a down payment on that dream cabin — it’s not always easy to stay motivated.

Studies show that monitoring the progress you make toward your Goals increases your chance of achieving them. But it’s not always easy to keep track of the headway you’re making, so we’re here to help.

We’ve built a Weekly Insights feature so that you can see your spending and saving highlights from the week. With Weekly Insights, you may discover ways to tweak your spending and saving to help achieve your Goals faster. Or you may just give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done.

Your personal Weekly Insights will automatically pop up in the app at the end of every week. At a glance you can feel good about all that you’ve accomplished with Qapital for the week and catch any giant red flags — say, if you’re spending more money at your favorite vendor than you’d like to.

It’s motivating to know where you’re at, and whether you think you had a fabulous week or not, you can always learn something that makes you more prepared for the future.

Weekly Insights – Summary (1) copy 2

Keep your spending habits in check, adjust your Saving Rules when you need to, tweak your budget, and think about whether you prioritize and spend your money on things that are important to you.

Of course, the more you use Qapital, the more insights you have at your fingertips! If you use Qapital Spending, your Qapital Visa® Debit Card can tell you exactly where you’re at with saving and spending any day, anytime.

Don’t have a Qapital Spending account? Sign up today in-app, and get a whole new view of your personal finances. The more you know, the more you can do to reach your Goals.


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Introducing Qapital’s Weekly Spending Target


We just made smart spending a whole lot easier. How, you ask? We built a tool that lets you customize a budget for your spending habits and stick to it, effortlessly. Say hello to Qapital’s Weekly Spending Target.



Our Weekly Spending Target works exclusively with the Qapital Visa® Debit Card*—another reason to sign up for Qapital Spending in the app if you haven’t already.

*Issued by Lincoln Savings Bank, Member FDIC

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Hey Siri, Save $25 For Honeymoon


It’s a big week for your iPhone. Apple released the long-awaited iOS 11 operating system… And we have a surprise for you, too. You might have seen us featured on the app store’s “Hey Siri” page. That’s because we not only worked to make the Qapital app compatible with iOS 11, we also launched Siri integration!

What does that mean for you? It means instant updates on your Qapital account balances whenever you want. It means easy-peasy, handsfree transfers of money to your Goals while you’re cooking dinner or riding the bus. You can ask Siri to check your balance, transfer funds to a Goal, or show you how much you’ve saved so far towards that plane ticket to Barcelona.

Of course, Siri’s not the only way your iPhone and Qapital app work hand in hand… Don’t forget you can set up an AppleHealth Rule to link your fiscal habits and fitness routine.

Qapital makes saving money easy, and things just got easier.

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What Do Millennials Regret Spending Money On Most?

At Qapital, we aim to help your money make you happy. The last thing we want you to feel about your everyday saving and spending habits is regret.  

But how do we get to those squirm-inducing, regretful moments of buyer’s remorse? And more importantly, how do we avoid them? These are questions we ask when developing products to support you. In fact, we partnered with Common Cents Lab at Duke University and MetLife to conduct a Millennial Financial Regret Spending Study to do just that.  

Our team asked 1000 millennial participants to review their most recent financial transactions and fill out a questionnaire about which ones they regret the most and which ones they don’t. 28,000 data points later, we concluded some pretty useful insights. Peek the four big takeaways:   

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 4.03.33 PMScreen Shot 2017-09-14 at 4.05.15 PM

You can read more about the study findings here.

Wince less, smile more.

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The Inspiration for our New Product – Qapital Spending

Facebook-appstore artwork-1200x630px-01

Written by George Friedman, CEO.

At Qapital – we spend a lot of time thinking about people’s relationship with their money. About how the way people are wired affects the way we manage our money. And about how human nature shapes our financial decision-making (sometimes for the better, sometimes not).

It’s why we design our products in tandem with Behavioral Economist, Dan Ariely – who helps us find ways to make the act of saving more successful. Like having people save for specific goals, instead of generic savings accounts. Or having people upload custom photos for their goals – because we know that when people can see what they want in front of them, they save 2x more.

By combining behavioral economics and technology, we built an app that turned people into great savers by making saving easier and more motivating.

Today, we’re taking that same philosophy a step further with the launch of “Qapital Spending” – a checking account designed to help people spend more intentionally, and reach their goals even faster.

This means that Qapital is moving from a simple savings app, to a more holistic goal-focused personal finance platform. Or – in human speak – a new way to bank designed to help people put their money towards the stuff that matters most.

Now, with the addition of Qapital Spending, users can better monitor and manage their weekly spending and savings habits in real-time. They can automatically puts a little away every time they swipe – making saving for their goals a daily, automatic habit. Qapital users even get helpful notifications about how much they’ve saved and track progress towards their goals.

Just like traditional banks, Qapital lets people send paper checks, set up direct deposit, even earn interest on their account balances. But UNLIKE banks, Qapital has no monthly fees, no minimums, unlimited transfers and more. So basically – the stuff you need, without the stuff you don’t.

It’s the next step in our effort to create a better banking experience. One that helps people not only manage — but improve —  their financial lives. One that’s less frustrating, and more fulfilling. One that helps people get the most possible happiness out of their money.

And the best part, is this is just the next step. Much more to come in the next year.

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Qapital for Android is Here

Qapital for Android.

Set your bank accounts to “save” because Qapital for Android is now available on Google Play.

Now, savings-starved Android lovers can join iOS users and start saving money toward their Goals in an FDIC-insured Qapital savings account. Qapital is the only money app that lets you save money based on the way you live your life — not according to an algorithm or someone else’s idea of how you should save. Thousands of iOS users in all 50 states agree: It’s free, it’s fun, it’s actionable and it’s revolutionary.

Start stockpiling stacks of cash in no time. Download the app, set a Goal and start saving with our unique Rules:

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Introducing Goal Chat: A New Way to Save Together

You can already save for a Goal together. Now you can talk about what to do next.

Goal Chat Header

Qapital’s Joint Goal feature is perfect for saving money for the things that you want to do with the people you love. Now we’re taking it a step further with Goal Chat.

Goal Chat works just like your favorite messaging apps. You and your co-savers see your Join Goalprogress while Goal Chat lets cheer each other on as you progress toward the finish line – right in the app!

Here’s how Goal Chat can supercharge your Joint Goals:

Simplify a trip
Are you saving for a trip with your other half? Share flight deals, hotel or AirBnB listings and restaurant options to help keep you excited about your vacation!

Group gifts made easy
No more endless email chains or bickering over who contributed what to a friend’s birthday gift or big bachelor party in Vegas. With Goal Chat, you can organize it all in one place, down to the who wraps the gift.

Keep it simple
No more long email threads or group texts. Use the space you’re already sharing to save money for the rest of those essential details. Keep money out of your day to day conversations and put it where it belongs: with your everyday banking in Qapital.

Get closer 
Saving money means more than just the cold, hard cash. Goal Chat lets you stay in touch during the day with the people you love to save with. When you hit your Goal, you can celebrate in the app, together!

Goal Chat Details

How to set up Goal Chat

To get started with this new feature, update to the latest version of Qapital and set up a Joint Goal by inviting friends to a new or existing Goal. Do this by tapping the two people in the top right-hand corner of the Goal page.

Once they accept the invitation invited them, you’ll see a banner at the bottom that says Add a comment. From there you can write a note or send a photo. And yes, we do support emojis.

As a holiday gift from us to you and yours, if you set up a Joint Goal between December 17 and December 31, we’ll give you and your co-savers $10 toward that Goal! Please note there is a limit of one pay-out per account for this bonus. Get started now!

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Qapital for Android: Coming Soon!

Qapital for Android
Savers, rejoice! Qapital for Android is nearly here. Why should iOS users have all the fun?

We’re getting close to launching the app for all the Android users who’ve been looking for a new, innovative way to save money for all the things they want to do in life.

Now, nearly everyone with a smartphone can save small to live large.

Whether you want to start your 2016 off with a bang to easily save $1,378 with our 52 Week Rule or just start stacking up your change with our Round-Up Rule, you’ll be setting and hitting your goals in no time.

Want a sneak preview of the Android app? Sign up here and you’ll hear from us in mid-November.

In the meantime, we’ll be sharing photos of the app here. Let us know what you think by tweeting us at @Qapitalapp.

Want to download the iOS version of the app? Get it here.

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Be Our First Wyoming Customer, Win $100

Qapital is proud to announce that we’ve got customers in nearly all 50 states! Except one — Wyoming.

There’s a lot to love about the least populous state in the union. We love that its motto is “The Equality State.” We love its staggeringly beautiful natural parks where you can hike and ski. Heck, we love that its state dinosaur is the Triceratops!

People of Wyoming: We want you to save with Qapital. The first state resident to sign up will receive $100 in their Qapital account to kick off their savings Goals.

Here are 4 awesome things you can save for with Qapital if you live in (or are visiting!) Wyoming:

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Dan Ariely Joins Qapital Team as Chief Behavioral Economist

21136519202_7aefada33f_kQapital was founded with the belief that when it comes to banking, people deserve better. We exist to solve a problem that most humans face every day, how to bridge the gap between intention and action when it comes to money management.

Tired advice and conventional wisdom aren’t helping young people improve their financial life. It goes deeper than that — the way we spend and save is linked to ingrained habits and deeply rooted behaviors.

For this very reason, we’re thrilled to announce that Dan Ariely is joining the Qapital team as Chief Behavioral Economist. 

Dan, a longtime believer in the power of thinking categorically about money, has been using Qapital since day one. He’s been using the app as a way to help him think about his spending on food, energy and even as a means of changing his kids’ financial behavior.

 With Dan’s help, Qapital will continue to create innovative features to help you build positive money habits that will last a lifetime. What keeps us on track, what makes us deviate from our goals? Dan is an expert on why we spend money on things we don’t need and how we can override our instincts to buy things when we should be saving for the things we truly want.

Dan’s groundbreaking research will help us continue to build the most effective banking and budgeting app on the market. We’ll be working alongside his team at the Center for Advanced Hindsight to understand why we do the things we do, even when they’re bad for us.

Dan Ariely is the James B. Duke professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics at Duke University and a founding member of the Center for Advanced HindsightHe’s the author of multiple New York Times bestsellers including Predictably Irrational: The Upside of Irrationality: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions and The Honest Truth About Dishonesty: How We Lie to Everyone — Especially Ourselves. Thousands of readers read his popular column in the Wall Street Journal, where he uses his unique blend of research, logic and candor to untangle personal finance dilemmas.

Qapital and Dan have the same mission — to help people align their spending habits with their goals and to create financial order out of chaos. Having Dan on the team isn’t just a win for Qapital, it’s great news for users. He and his team will expand our app’s capability to help people create unique savings plans that compliment (and not complicate) their lifestyles.

In everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo. Qapital believes you can reach your financial goals just by living your life and going about your daily habits. With our tools, you can change your relationship with money.

Want to know more about Dan’s research? Follow him on Twitter at @danariely and learn why we’re so excited to have him on our team.

For any and all media requests, email

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