Introducing ‘The Stockholmer’ and 4 more podcasts we love!

We’re the proud sponsor of The Stockholmer, a new podcast celebrating our HQ and hometown! To celebrate, we’re sharing some of our other favorite podcasts with you.


Today we’re celebrating the launch of The Stockholmer, an 8-week podcast series by former BBC radio anchor Maddy Savage! In these 10-minute episodes, Maddy interviews “the most innovative and inspiring people living in Sweden’s global capital.”

Exploring Stockholm’s “startup, design, food, culture and wellness scenes,” Maddy explores what makes the city special now and how innovation will shape its future. Listen to the first episode of The Stockholmer here!

All this talk of podcasts got us thinking about what some of our favorites are. Below you’ll find a collection from the Qapital crew that help us make the most of our commutes, keep us entertained at the gym or chill out at the end of the work day.

1. Spent
Another Qapital-sponsored podcast from Acast, SPENT is “a money podcast for the financially challenged.”

Host Lindsay Goldwert’s guests on this show are as varied as they are funny. From a full-time freelance comic book artist talking about how he makes a living in NYC to an ER doctor who helps demystify medical bills, this podcast is for anyone who’s ever wondered, “why are we so f*****d up about money?”.

Whose favorite? It’s a team fave
Why? We all want to change how people talk about money as well as make it easier and less taboo to do it.

2. 99% Invisible
Are you the kind of person who walks around asking when did ‘Best-before’ dates become a thing? How about the origin of fortune cookies? Then this show’s for you! Discover how architecture mistakes are fixed and hear from the guy who decides what sounds your phone should make when you tap the silent, touch-screen “buttons”.

Whose favorite? Martin, Head of Partnerships
Why? “I enjoy learning about all the weird, hidden design in everyday stuff.”

3. You Must Remember This
This show is for anyone who wants to dive into “the lost and/or forgotten histories of Hollywood’s first century”. From its very early days, Hollywood’s been driven by greed and glamor, scandal and sex appeal, politics and propriety – and host Karina Longworth goes through it all with a fine-tooth comb. She makes it so fascinating, you can’t help but binge-listen!

Whose favorite on the Qapital team? Christine, Community Manager
Why? “Makes me feel like I’m back in my college film studies classes – minus the essays and all-nighters!”

4. You Made It Weird
Ever walk into a party and feel like you’re the odd one out? This podcast reassures you, you’re not the only one. Hosted by comedian Pete Holmes, the show’s focus is on highlighting everyone’s “secret weirdness” – celebrities, comedians, spiritual leaders – all of ‘em! Guests’ views on comedy, sexuality, and religion are “de rigeur”.

Whose favorite? Sandy, Customer Success
Why? “It’s really engaging and insightful about different types of people.”

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