How I Saved for My Wedding Making My Lunch and Using the Qapital App


Written by Laura Hager, Blogger

For years, I had been dreaming about my wedding. I had been pinning pictures of pretty venues, gorgeous dresses, and color palettes to my Pinterest board long before I was engaged. I had so many ideas saved up! Needless to say, I was beyond thrilled when my boyfriend got down on one knee and asked me the question. We were in a newly engaged, dreamlike state until we realized that we had no way to pay for our wedding.

How had I scrolled through endless wedding Pinterest boards and never thought of how I was going to pay for it?! After a few days of trying to coming up with schemes to earn money, it hit me. I could create a new goal on my Qapital app! I had my Qapital rules saving my money into two goals already, so I knew that this type of savings plan was perfect for me! I logged into my app and created a new goal and titled it “My Wedding.” I knew I need to add money to that goal as soon as possible, so I created two rules. The first adds a certain amount into the goal every Sunday and the second rounds up every purchase to $3.

What I love about Qapital is that I just have to create the rules and let the app do its thing. I don’t have to think about my savings goals all day. My handy app is constantly working towards my savings goals for me, even when I forgot. Something else I love about Qapital is the automatic overdraft protection. Overdraft fees are the worst! The app helps by postponing the transfers until the withdraw account is ready to go. Plus, it holds the transfer amount and remembers what it was going to transfer so no saving rules get skipped!

In addition to the rules I created, I started manually transferring money into my wedding savings goal. If I decide to make coffee at home instead of hitting up the closest coffee shop, I transfer the $4 I would have spent into the app. If I decided to check out a book at my library instead of purchasing a new one, I move the amount I didn’t spend over to Qapital. It’s so easy to manually transfer a specific amount of money. And in only a week of this new habit, I saved $50 from packing lunches and brewing my own coffee.

Using Qapital to save for my wedding has relieved a lot of stress! It’s also helping me become more aware of my spending habits and helping me become a better saver!

Do you have a wedding coming up? Let me know which saving rules are helping you get to your dream wedding goals!

Laura Hager lives in Phoenix, AZ with her fiancé and their small dog, Astro. She runs a blog called Laurel and Fern. She loves scrapbooking, baking, reading, and all things creative. Her website is and her Instagram is @laura_hager.

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What You Can Buy With $1378, and How You Can Get There

Now that the holidays have almost passed, the New Year looms ahead. What financial goals did you meet this year? Which ones could you have stayed better on top of?

We all had some cash setbacks in 2016, and next year we vow to be ahead of the game – but how? Why not take the “you” out of the equation, and automate your deposits?  Our 52 Week Challenge Rule can help you do just that. The first week, you’ll save $1. The second, $2. Third, $3 and so on. Continue to the end of the year, and you’ll have stashed away $1378. That’s quite impressive, and can get you a lot of goods.

To motivate you, we’ve made a list of 5 things you could buy with those savings:

1. A trip to Hawaii: We’re not joking. The off-season runs between October and mid-November, and toward the end of February through March. There might be some early morning rain, but otherwise you won’t miss much, unless you’re an avid surfer (but hey – how about those rainbows?). Plane tickets during those times average in around $380 (round trip, no less! That is a steal!), which would leave you with enough money to take the time off work, go on a volcano tour of the big island, or have a biking or snorkeling adventure.

This could be you, but you playin' (and not saving)...
This could be you, but you playin’ (and not saving)…

2. A 7-Day Western Caribbean Cruise: Norwegian Cruise Lines offers a 7-day cruise for $999. Leaving out of Miami, you’ll hit up Roatan, Bay Islands (Honduras), Harvest Caye (Belize), Costa Maya and Cozumel (Mexico). Double bonus: each day you’ll have around 7 hours to explore the different locations. What will you do with the extra cash? Visit some Mayan ruins, kayak, or simply soak up the Caribbean sun? It’s your cruise; do you!

Harvest Caye, Belize
Harvest Caye, Belize

Not looking to get away? Not to worry – there is plenty of fun to be had if you keep it closer to home.

3. Festival Tickets: Always dreamt of a fun festival road trip? Crossing the highways with some of your closest friends, taking turns sleeping in the back of the car, and stopping at historic sights along the way? Once you hit your destination – time. to. dance. Tickets to Bonnaroo are starting around $340 (for a full festival pass), Lollapalooza beginning $365, and Coachella around $540. With all that extra cash, you won’t have to worry about gas money, pitching in for an AirBnB, or splurging at the merch tables. I think this is where we scream YOLO.

All of the lights, all of the lights...
All of the lights, all of the lights…

4. Disney World 4 Day Park Tickets: Disney offers specials each year, and typically around this time you can get 4-day park tickets (allowing you to visit a different park each day) for around $300 per adult and $250 per child. There’s truly something for everyone – animal lovers, speedy roller coasters, slower ones for the more faint of folk, and water parks to boot. If you’ve never experienced the magic and wonder (that all ages can enjoy) at the Happiest Place on Earth – you must!

You might even have some extra cash to get these awesome shoes...
You might even have some extra cash to get these awesome shoes…

5. Gadgets: Everyone loves the newest tech toys, and with the raising costs (and constant new releases) they’ve been pretty hard to come by. Luckily, there have been some very solid rumors flying around that Apple will drop the prices of the new MacBook Pro toward the end of 2017. That’s the perfect time to get it, as you’ll have saved up $1378. Toss in a Weekly Set & Forget Rule for a small amount each week, and you’ll have more than saved up for that new shiny computer! Or, skip the computer altogether, and purchase a new phone! Everyone loves a new phone (and all its accessories)! The world is your OS oyster!

Those gourds are secretly speakers...
I’ll bet those gourds are secretly speakers…

Hopefully this has sparked some drive in you to get saving in 2017! The 52 Week Challenge truly makes it so easy. Once it’s set up, the work is done for you. And by the end of next year, you could have one of these things! Or pay off a large sum of school or credit debt. If anything, $1378 is always a nice nest egg to fall back on. You can do it! You’ve got 2 days to start that resolution right.

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Resolution Ready for 2k17? Qapital Will Help Keep You On Track!

We all have good intentions when it comes to setting resolutions. Unfortunately, intentions aren’t the thing that usually keeps us going when it comes to meeting these goals. You’ll need drive, determination, and a sometimes…a little help.

Lucky for us, Qapital is all about #Qapitalizing (pun intended) on your already existing behaviors, which means if you’re looking to change those habits up for the better, why not reward yourself financially in the process? The ability to do so is just a few pushes of a button away.

In order to better help guide you, I reached out to some Qapital customers (and employees), and asked them for their resolutions for the upcoming year:

Matt Russell, Los Angeles-based musician and Customer Success Representative (as well as “Best Use of Emojis In Customer Interactions” award winner), is resolving to “change more diapers” this year (after the birth of his new baby girl), and would like to “shed some extra pounds.” If losing weight is something you’re interested in, Qapital has you covered. Using an iOS? We’ve got an Apple Health Rule for you; simply activate it and choose your trigger. Would you like to meet a daily walking, running, or exercise goal? Once connected, the Rule will save your set amount after you’ve reached it. If you’re on an Android, or already using your favorite fitness app, we can connect through IFTTT with Qapital + FitBit, Nike +, Strava and several others!

As for the diapers…while we can’t help you physically change those, we can keep you on track with an IFTTT Location recipe. Simply set up the location to fence the baby’s changing table. Enter the location, and voila! Future college money saved!


Joe Weber, a Los Angeles Based comedian intends to travel more in 2017. If this sounds like it’s right up your jetway, Qapital suggests setting up a Freelancer Rule, which will set aside a percentage (you choose!) of each direct deposit over a chosen amount. If you’re a Pinterest fan, why not use an IFTTT Qapital + Pinterest Recipe to save some cash each time you pin something to your Travel Board? A little goes a long way, and so will you (once you’ve saved up)!


Tracey Carnazzo, Qapital Customer Success Representative and New York City-based comic says, “I’m going to pay off my debt this year using Qapital,” and she’s already got her Rules in place. She set up the 52 Week Challenge Rule, which will save $1 the first week, $2 the second, and so on through the year. By this time in 2017, she’ll have saved $1,378. She’s also using the ever-popular RoundUp Rule, paired with a Weekly Set & Forget. Here’s to being debt-free, Tracey! We’ve got your back!


Chicago-based Freelance Illustrator, Sterling Martin, has several resolutions: “I am going to buy a new computer, restart my 401k, cut my cholesterol, and get a new job doing graphic design.” We’ve got lots of ideas for those! For the new computer, maximize your time on the old one and set up an IFTTT Qapital + Spotify Recipe –  you’ll save each time you add a song to a playlist. Add additional money to your 401k by setting a Freelancer Rule to save each time you get a direct deposit. You can transfer back to your personal account, then roll it over whenever you choose! Cut back on cholesterol by rewarding yourself with trips to the grocery store (instead of a fast food restaurant). You can set up a Guilty Pleasure Rule to save each time you spend at your local market. When it comes to getting that new job? Maximize your talent by using an IFTTT Qapital + Instagram Hashtag Recipe. Post a photo of a recent illustration, use a specific hashtag, and watch the savings add up! Bonus: you’re marketing your work at the same time!


Alfredo Aponte, the Head of Design at Qapital,  would like to “stay better connected with family while I am afar. And post more small updates for them on Facebook and Instagram.” If you’re feeling the same, try using an IFTTT Qapital + Facebook Status Recipe to save money each time you update online. Now they’ve got an update, and you’re one step closer to a plane ticket back to visit. You can also trigger savings when you post on Instagram with an IFTTT Qapital + Instagram Recipe. Or keep yourself in touch with family by setting up a weekly chat or phone call. You can save money in two ways – with the 52 Week Challenge as well as a Weekly Set & Forget.


The possibilities for saving are endless! If you’re in need of some help, feel free to email – we’ll be happy to throw some ideas out for you. Think you’ve got it on lock? Share your stories with #QapitalResolutions! We’d love to hear what you’re going to accomplish this year, as well as your successes.

From the team at Qapital: stay safe this New Year’s Eve, have a great start to 2017, and always – happy saving!


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Fashion and Flowers: How Jules Denby is Saving Toward Her Dreams

Recently, I had the absolute pleasure of sitting down with lifestyle blogger and fashionista Jules Denby (@julesdenby) to go in-depth about her passions, social media presence, and new addition to her family. Witty and real, Jules has created her completely unique, aesthetically-comforting and hilarious Instagram feed. For over an hour, we gabbed about wanderlust, the perfectly curated Instagram, and the honesty and bluntness of Snapchat. Laughed about the intricacies and trials of motherhood, the reality of balancing life and work, and appreciating the humor and happiness within it all.
“You feel like you want to do all different kinds of things, but I notice people who stick to one theme…do way better. Fashion is – foremost – what I’ve done.”
Jules has worked in the fashion industry most of her life – her first job being at a clothing store, as a stylist at Madewell, and now as a fashion-guru on the ‘Gram. “I don’t walk around in heels.” she says. “I am wearing exactly what I photograph in. The leather jacket with the cutoffs and Converse.”
@julesdenby wearing @urbanoutfitters, @madewell, and @levis
@julesdenby wearing @urbanoutfitters, @madewell, and @levis.

So you’d think with Qapital, she’d be saving up for her own boutique, right?


Instead, her sights are set on a flower truck. She tells a beautiful story, of getting out of New York for a while to her family’s home in New Hampshire. Driving through the East Coast looking for a catalog company, getting lost with her sister, and wandering into a coffee shop. The two of them were hired together on the spot, and worked there through the fall. It’s there she meets “Paul.” She says, upon seeing him, “I’m going to marry that man.”

Fast forward two years, and Jules is planning their wedding. She speaks with Emily Herzig regarding the flowers for the table pieces, and immediately falls in love.

“I needed fresh flowers in my house every day. Peony season comes around and I’m like, the first in line at Whole Foods. I was totally obsessed.”

If I learned anything about Jules in the hour and a half that we spoke, it’s that she knows exactly who she is. And she knows what she wants, and wastes no time making it happen. So it’s no surprise to hear, when she and her husband happened upon a flower farm in New Hampshire, she immediately wanted to make it happen for the two of them. After some discussion, and a surprise find on Instagram, she changes her focus to a truck.

“With a farm, you’re tied down. But with a [flower] truck, you can go anywhere, and do anything.”

So how is she reaching that Goal? With Qapital. The Guilty Pleasure Rule saves Jules money each time she purchases flowers at her local shop. And it also helps her set aside cash each time she stops for gas. It’s the perfect combination for saving, and is inspirational in the process. So what had previously been a quick stop to fill up the car is now a reminder that she’s funding her dreams. We’re thrilled that she’s chosen Qapital to help her reach her Goals. And we can’t wait to watch as her dreams become a reality.


If you’d like to follow Jules along the road to a flower truck, make sure to follow her Instagram and Snapchat!


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Hello, new ways of saving $$$ with IFTTT!

Qapital ifttt launch

Today the whole team is super-excited to launch something we and our friends over at IFTTT have been working on for a while. Say hi to the brand-new, seriously curated, easier-than-ever-to-implement ways to save with Qapital and IFTTT!

If you’ve used IFTTT before, you already know about the greatness in connecting your favorite apps to each other. If you haven’t, get ready to have your mind blown!

Say you’re saving for a sunny vacation: You want to save a set amount for this warm wonder every time it rains at home. No problem — just open the Qapital app, select “IFTTT Rules”, and connect your weather app to it with IFTTT. Each rainy day will now be a little better, as it’ll trigger a saving that gets you closer to your holiday.

Or maybe you want to save toward that mid-century dresser each time you pin something to your “New House” Pinterest board? Also doable!

Save a dollar each time you post a photo on Instagram? You guessed it — possible!

These three examples are only a select few. There are many more to help you streamline saving, and make it WAY more fun. Here’s how you activate them:

  1. Open up the Qapital app
  2. In the Rules section — select “Create new Rule”
  3. Select IFTTT, and choose your own personalized way to save $$$


We hope you’ll dig these new saving-tricks as much as we do. Tweet us at @Qapitalapp to let us know which one is your favorite!

Note: For our users who are using previously created IFTTT recipes to save with: Nothing has changed. Your old recipes will continue to save for you without interruption.

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A Time Traveler’s Guide to Qapital

Scenario: The time machine is accidentally activated. You are teleported back to the 90s, and all you have now is a scratchy denim outfit, a smartphone, and the Qapital app.

How will you use the most cutting edge banking app from the future to your advantage — or in other words, what goals will you kick with Qapital in the 90s?

Step one:

The first thing you’ll want to do as a Qapital user (and time traveler) is to set up a ‘Goal’ to save for. We advise you to save for a pager, to blend in. Blending in is important since you don’t necessarily want people to learn that you are from the future (because who knows what would happen if they did?).

cropped pager

If you’re not a techy-person, you don’t have to worry. There are other phenomenon that you can disguise yourself with.

For example, the creative hair crimper.

cropped crimper

Or rollerblades.

cropped skates

What is so great about all these items is that none of them are overly expensive. With Qapital you’ll have your blend-in kit in no-time (remember, the more 90s stuff you carry on you, the more authentic you will look)!

Now you might wonder: how is it that I will be able to save up for these things so quickly with Qapital?

Introducing step two: Rules!

A Qapital Rule is, in its essence, how you save — the digital equivalent of reaching your hand to the piggy bank and putting the quarter in. Take our RoundUp Rule for example. If you spend $12.43 on lunch with your card, Qapital rounds the amount to $13, and saves the 57 cent difference. But this is the 90s. Lunch is so much cheaper, so you’ll save money on that too!

Another example is our 52 week challenge. This rule will save one dollar for you the first week, two dollars the second week, and so forth — until you have saved for a full year. If you complete the challenge, you’ll have saved $1,378!

The Guilty Pleasures Rule — to come heavy with a third example — saves money each time you get something against your own good conscience. Let’s say you spend a little too much money while having a great time down at the bar, or since it’s the 90s — down at the very popular oxygen bar. No problem. Set Qapital to save for you each time you purchase as much as a sip of oxygen!

Qapital oxygen sessions

If you want to check out the rest of the Qapital Rules, they’re right in the app. You can also read about them here.

Now that you have both a Goal and Rules with Qapital, you are ready to take on the 90s! Below are some general tips & tricks to help you out while you’re in this strange decade. If you play your cards right, it will be far from a Bogus Journey.

  • There are no music streaming services anymore. You might want to set up a Goal for a Walk/Discman, ASAP. Yellow was all the rage those days.
  • Use phrases like “Fresh” and “Prince” and “of Bel-Air.” People will know, and nod.
  • You’re playing Tamagotchi now, not Pokemon. DO NOT MENTION POKEMON.
  • MTV is for music videos, not reality TV. Except they do make exceptions for Liquid Television, which you watch religiously. All hail our queen and kings, Aeon Flux and Beavis & Butthead! Heh. Heheh.
  • If you’re going to complain, it’s going to be because your little brother spilled his Squeez-It all over your No Fear shirt, or that Alf went to Melmac at the beginning of the decade and just like, never came back. As if!

These tips will probably be enough to get you through. So just toss your “Rachel” or “Hanson” hair back, and enjoy the 90s ride – before you know it, you’ll be living “in the now!” So help us, Wayne and Garth. Until then, start kicking your Goals, save up, and party like it’s 1999.

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Search, Battle, and Save! 🏃🏽🎒💰


We know it. There’s no denying it. The new kid on the block. It’s a kid we all love very much, even when we’re…well, not upset, but SLIGHTLY startled by the magnitude of attention it gets. Like that time it attracted hundreds of people to Central Park and caused a stampede. I’ve sang in Central Park for hours and just been asked to leave.

Whether or not this horde caught the very rare “Vaporeon” (that’s the actual Pokemon’s name…and I’m just snarky because it’s not in my Pokédex), we know — since there are so many other Pokémon to catch besides who-needs-it-anyway Vaporeon — this will not be the last stampede. The Poké-journey has just begun, and Poké-trainers are determined as ever to catch these ethereal Pocket Monsters with grenade-looking spheres, which are called (to no one’s surprise) Pokéballs.

Some people have even quit their jobs to catch Pokémon full time, which — to the normal ear — might not sound entirely sound (no judgement from me, though – already packed up my desk). Take Tom. He’ll be spending the next two months catching Pokémon in New Zealand. To you, Tom, Qapital would like announce our fullest support, and wish you the best of hunts!

To other people, gamers and non-gamers, we want to announce something that might have a more workable ring to it: you can save money with Qapital while you play Pokémon GO!

Here’s how we do it:

Apple Health Rule

Set up an Apple Health Rule to save money each time you walk a mile. If you’re out catching, you may as well be racking up savings in the process!

IFTTT Locations

Familiar with a place (or few) where people frequently drop lures? Set up an IFTTT GPS Location in that area. You can choose a dollar amount to save each time you fall in the radius.

Guilty Pleasure Rule

If you have a usual path, make sure to set up a Guilty Pleasure Rule at a gas station or convenience store along the way. Stop in for some much needed energy and save a few bucks while you’re there. You may not catch a Hydreigon, but at least you’ll be hydrated.

Happy hunting (and saving), Trainers! Oh, and if you come up with more ways to save while on the GO, let us know! Tweet us @Qapitalapp! #TeamInstinct

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🎵This is how we do it🎵: 7 Motivating (and funny) fitness stories from the Qapital team

This month, we’re celebrating awesome ways to keep yourself motivated to meet your fitness and financial goals. To celebrate, we’re sharing some of our team’s favorite workouts and funny stories from the gym and beyond!

Runners in Park

When it comes to working out and saving, it can be tough to get people to spill their secrets for success. Luckily, our team is willing to share their tips! Get to know some of the people behind the app and learn more about how they keep up with their fitness and financial goals with the gym + Qapital.

Anders, Front + Backend Developer, Stockholm

Anders in the Qapital officeFavorite way to exercise: Running or cycling

Least favorite way exercise: Cross-country skiing

Favorite music to listen to while working out: Not a big fan of music while exercising outside of the gym. I listen to the thoughts (or voices) in my head 😉

Greatest athletic achievement: I’ve completed two half marathons

Favorite way to save with Qapital fitness Rules:  Saving with Strava when I run.

Favorite sport to watch: Cycling or any sport where countries not clubs compete, like world championships or the European soccer championship

Funniest thing you’ve experienced while working out: Being beaten at a half marathon by someone pushing a stroller

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Hi, welcome to Qapital!

We’re here to answer some of the most frequently asked questions and help you get set up and saving with Qapital!

welcome-to-qapital 01

Now that we’re downloaded onto your phone, you’re probably wondering who we are, what we do, and when you get to sling angry birds.

So, before you even have to ask, let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions for you, and – first and foremost – there will be nothing to sling, except savings!

Qapital is a mobile app that comes with an FDIC-insured account that will automatically save money for you based on your spending habits, Rules that you set up, and automatically transfer money toward Goals you’d like to reach, or things you’d like to buy.

Go ahead: think big or small

You might be saving for a wedding, a dream vacation, or in my case – a new gold jumpsuit and sneakers for all my weekend dance parties. Short term or long term goals are also welcome – we’ll help you save for what you want, without constantly worrying about getting by without what you need.

How Qapital Works (and helps you save money)

welcome-to-qapital 02

Once you’ve linked your checking account, you’ll set up Rules that will help you easily (and automatically!) save based on your spending habits.

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